11 Things Every Successful Business Owner Must Investigate and Invest in Their Employees

I am your front-line, your bottom line, your profitability, your productivity, your employee retention, and your customer loyalty.

I bet you thought your customers drove those results didn’t you?

I, your employee, am here to tell you that while your focus is on your customers, I am the one who is responsible for driving your four key business outcomes: Profitability, Productivity, Employee Retention and Customer Loyalty.

It truly is all about me. Here are the reasons why:

I am the face of your company. Your customers look to me for expertise. They count on me to provide an experience that makes them want to come back time and again. I can ensure that they continue to come back. Or I can ensure that they never come back.

I am the end result, good or bad, to all of your marketing efforts. Generate hundreds or thousands of leads. I will build relationships, gain their trust, and create loyal customers for life, or send them to your competitors.

I am the quality of your products and services, great or lack thereof. Train me and engage me and I will provide the highest of quality. Expect me to just “get it,” and I will quickly and consistently give you average or less than average results.

I am the service in excellent or poor customer service. I have the ability to engage, “wow” your customers, and set the bar at excellence. Equally, I will share my dissatisfaction of your company if I’m not given excellent service as your employee.

I am the cost of employee turnover or the profitability in employee retention. Invest in me and I will give you a great return. Don’t invest in me and I will leave you for someone who will.

I am efficient or actively wasteful with my time at your company. I want to be efficient and productive. Give me the proper tools and I will increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability. Without the proper tools, I will become frustrated, sometimes resentful, and my dissatisfaction will be revealed in the numbers.

I am the voice. I have access to hundreds of social media sites and thousands of your current and potential clients. I can spread the word about how magnificent your company is and grow your business by leaps and bounds. Likewise, I can spread detrimental insight about your company that will spread … and burn like wildfire.

I am dedicated. I will dedicate thousands of hours to your success every year. I will arrange my family’s activities and even healthcare around your schedule. Allow me to integrate my life with my work and I will thrive. Tell me to leave my personal life at the door and I will walk out of that door.

I am loyal. I will commit more than half of my lifetime to your company if I find purpose in my work. Without purpose, I will become disengaged and merely show up every day, costing you four times that of an engaged employee.

I am innovative. Give me the freedom to share my thoughts and the ability to implement them, and watch me (and your company) soar. Confine me to your strict policies and procedures and I will wither away in my role causing you to miss opportunities in becoming the trend setter in your industry.

I have unique talents. Develop them and I will set your company apart from its competitors. Ignore them and I will take my talents to them.

I am your employee. And as you can see, it (your success) really is all about me!

Investigate and invest in my strengths, my unique talents, my innovations, my life, my abilities, my purpose, my opinions, my dedication, my language of appreciation, my personality, and my goals and dreams. Investigate and invest in me as a person who can be your greatest asset and I will provide a great return!