Finally, You Can Stop Repeating Yourself!

How many times have you said. “If I had a dollar for everytime I had to repeat myself to my employees I’d be rich”? Probably enough times for you to have thousands of dollars if you gained a dollar every time you said it.  

The old adage “Communication is key” is an overused and understimated statement in today’s workplace. While communication is key to the success of any leader and organization, the purpose and style in which we communicate produces the actual outcome. Beginning today, as you communicate remember this. The results of my communication, effective or ineffective, motivational or demotivational are directly tied to the purpose, and style in which my communication is delivered.

If your employees aren’t getting the things done that you’ve asked them to do, 95% of the time it’s not the employee that is failing to perform. It is one or more of the following disconnects. Improve one or more of these areas and your employees are sure to accomplish what you’ve asked them to and you can finally stop repeating yourself.

Do you relate to any or all of the following statements?

You haven’t been clear about your vision.

Your core values are not apparent in your organization.

You haven’t discovered and developed their strengths.

You haven’t placed your employee in the right role.

You don’t understand their communication style.

You don’t know their language of appreciation.

All of or a combination of the above


Did you agree with one or more of those statements? Do you see a common factor? If your message isn’t being received in a way that produces the outcome you desire, you are the challenge in getting the results. It’s a tough pill to swallow but if you can handle a dose of self-improvement medicine you’ll never have to repeat yourself to your employees again.

Are you ready to free up hours of your time every week and increase the productivity of your employees and finally stop repeating yourself?  We’ve created a formula for your success!

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(Vision + Core Values / Culture + Strengths + Roles + Communication + Appreciation = Organizational Success)