Do you find yourself continuously battling the high monetary, time, and morale killer of employee turnover?  Are you constantly challenged to find and keep top performers?  Do you need a guide to successfully lead this conglomeration of generations in today’s workforce? Master the activating components of your leadership qualities to increase overall engagement and drive the four key business outcomes, productivity, profitability, customer loyalty, and employee retention!


Did you know lack of trust costs $2.5 trillion per year?  Are you tired of the traditional team building exercises that fail to yield effective on-going results?  Do you sense that your organization suffers due to lack of trust among your team members and their leaders? Discover the keys of personal connection to ignite confidence, create true team unity, inspire excellence, and fuel your leadership fire!


Do you find yourself on the exhaustive hamster wheel of chasing and retaining clients?  Did you know that 60% of all customers stop dealing with a company because of what they perceive as indifference from its employees?  Are you aware that 75% of the reason people quit is because of their managers, their leaders? Access the critical elements of leveraging your leadership influence to garner client and employee loyalty in today’s business culture!

Aligning People with Purpose

The YouPrint of Work-Life Integration

Enhance individual fulfillment through the power of the Work- Life Integration Principle! Billions of people search and strive for the ultimate balance between work and life every day. To wish for work-life balance says that work is equal to life. The reality is that work is a part of your life, not equal to it. Join us to reveal the power that you have to integrate your work into your life in a way that provides meaning, purpose, and fulfillment both inside and outside of the workplace. Organizations it's time to realize and capitalize on the fact that individual fulfillment ultimately drives productivity, increases profitability, escalates efficiency and heightens team morale! Become the industry trend setter in the business landscape that is no longer viable with traditional by-the-book work-life balance methods. 

The YouPrint of Organizational Success

It's past time for organization to realize, inspire, and capitalize on their greatest asset, YOU, their employee. While the traditional organizations' focus has been on customer needs, demands, and satisfaction, those results are merely a scorecard of how fulfilled you, it's employee is. In order to create an environment where you and every employee thrives, you live a life of meaning and purpose, it's customers become raving fans, organizations must place their focus on discovering, developing, and delivering the talents of you. In one day, Crystel and Sherri deliver years of research and expertise that reveals every business’ number one leverage-able asset! Become master of the 12 critical person-centered elements that lead to an organization’s ultimate viability, sustainability, and success! No more wasting time sifting through countless books or attending multiple corporate training sessions, and attempting to piece it all together. In one powerfully-focused day, you will obtain the essential You-PrintTM to people-driven organizational success!

YouPrint Driven Influence

Confidentially claim your position as an influential leader! In this experience, you will master the art of influence, learn how to create movements that matter, and establish a dynamic following! Today is the day your innate leadership abilities are revealed!

YouPrint Driven Service

Discover the power of serving! What if we intentionally served each other every day? What if service wasn't something we did only during the holidays? What if we served our families, our communities, our fellow church members, our non-profit volunteers, and our coworkers? What if they sought out ways to serve each other every day?

What if rather than our focus being on customer service in the workplace our focus was on serving each other, our employees, our volunteers, our members, and our family, and allowing them to serve each other? Dr. Sherri and Crystel reveal the benefits of a life of service both inside and outside of the workplace and give every participant the opportunity to discover how they can best serve using their God-given gifts and talents so that no need would go unmet in their community, church, non-profit organization, business and home!