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Actualize the IAM

In today’s workforce environment (a conglomeration of Baby-Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials) leaders and business owners must recognize and fulfill the unique needs of every generation, and every employee as an individual in their organization, if they expect to be successful or even survive.

Crystel and Sherri reveal the 12 quintessential elements of creating a stand-out, top-performing, sought-after organization in today’s increasingly competitive work environment!

The Guide to Work-Life Integration 

Work is a part of life.  Not an equal to it. You and your employees bring “home” to “work,” and “work” to “home.”  Separation is an impossibility.

Organizations that ascribe to the work-life balance philosophy are quickly being replaced by those who understand the person as a whole and their need to stay connected in all facets of life.  

Get ready to create an atmosphere of meaningful human connection and skyrocketing performance through Crystel and Sherri's Guide to Work-Life Integration ! 

The Power of The UPrint

You, and every person in your organization possesses exclusive value, original talents, distinct communication styles, and an innate dialect of appreciation.  

In today's workplace landscape organizations who want to thrive must:

Discover the unique talent that lies within their organization and capitalize on them in order to attain and retain top talent.

Create a culture of communication that is effective and inspires it's employees to perform every task with excellence. 

Speak the appreciation dialect that employees connect with and confirms their appreciation.

Crystel and Sherri reveal the power of The UPrint, the unique blueprint, that determines how you, and your employees, feel accomplished, heard, valued and ultimately successful! Discover your UPrint, and that of each of your employees and unlock the power of achieving optimum personal, professional, and organizational success! 

Leverage Your Assets

Over half of the American workforce is currently looking for a new job! Employees are searching for work that offers meaning and purpose. They must know that their individual talents play a vital role in achieving the purpose and vision of your organization.

Crystel and Sherri deliver the blueprint to design and build an organization that will emerge above the competition, and win the war for top talent!

Meet the Matchmaker

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I just can’t find good help!?”  You’re not alone. As you’ve discovered to the contrary, however, every person has great talent.  Employees want to do outstanding work, yet they must be cast in the right role for that to occur.

You, the leader, are a matchmaker.  Your ultimate goal in developing and understanding your team members is to ensure that each one is playing the part that allows their talents to shine and their performance to soar.

Crystel and Sherri offer you the opportunity to introduce and establish yourself as the tailor behind the success!

Illuminate Your Expertise

You have expertise that matters, not only to your colleagues; Your knowledge is needed by every person on your team!  Highlight your opportunity to share your expertise in a way that ensures you have set the stage for the success of each of your employees.  

Crystel and Sherri walk you, the leader, through the most critical elements of knowledge as revealed by employees, and provide the essential action items to master and share your expertise!

Amplify the Boom

Feedback.  You need it and so do your employees.  Your employees need to know how they’re performing. We have a human need to set goals, achieve them, and continuing boosting our output on a continuing basis.  Yet, so often, leaders offer very little, very infrequent feedback that encourages the development their employees. 

Crystel and Sherri expose the secrets to applying the tenets of accurate, effective, and developmental performance initiatives that increase company moral,  productivity, employee retention, and customer loyalty!

Equip to Eclipse

A premier reason employees fail to deliver is that they are ill-equipped to fulfill your expectations. It is up to you to ensure they have everything they need to do their work efficiently, effectively, and with zest. 

Crystel and Sherri provide leaders of all levels and businesses owners of all industries, the opportunity to learn proven methods to effectively listen to, provide, and appreciate the needs of their team members!

Deliver the Platinum

Let’s be honest.  A paycheck doesn’t cut it any longer. Employee of the month programs create an environment of individual competition rather than team unity and success.  Employees need and are demanding more. They need to be developed and; yes, they need to be rewarded for their commitment to their own development within your organization. 

Crystel and Sherri equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to ensure that your reward systems intentionally and accurately motivate your team members. Learn how to deliver the ultimate incentives that drive team unity and success!

Mold the Masterpiece

Once a leader has discovered the unique talents of their employees, they can expect to realize immediate gain only if they are willing to then develop those talents. 

Crystel and Sherri uncover the deft hand and rewarding work required to capitalize on your employees and turn your organization into a workplace masterpiece where your business and your employees thrive! 

Activate Your Influence

Confidentially claim your position as an influential leader! You have a message to share, a following to create and inspire, and a fulfill your purpose!

Crystel and Sherri activate you to master the art of influence,  create movements that matter, and establish a dynamic following!  Today is the day your innate leadership abilities are revealed!

Honor the Value

In today’s competitive, ever-evolving, and instant-access world, organizations and their leaders must be resourceful in their efforts to achieve optimum levels of performance and growth. While innovation is often left to upper management, the acumen of entry level employees is invaluable and often dismissed.

Crystel and Sherri provide a unique opportunity to gain and capitalize on the invaluable insight and intellect of every employee!

I feel so fortunate that our relatively small community is home to such cutting-edge speakers as Crystel and Sherri! The concept of combining business acumen with psychological/behavioral analysis is brilliant!