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"There has been no comparable message in the thousands of best-selling business and leadership books available today…until now!  It’s All About Me shrewdly reveals the critical missing elements for today’s working world, straight from the mouths of employees across the nation.

You, the reader, will be compelled to reflect and equipped to transform!"

Jay Foreman

Best-Selling Author

Second Story Communications

In today’s workforce environment (a conglomeration of Baby-Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials), leaders and business owners must recognize and fulfill the unique needs of every generation, and every employee as an individual in their organization if they expect to be successful, or even survive.

The days of hiring based on skillset, dangling the prestigious promotion carrot, and offering traditional healthcare and vacation benefits have long lost their once alluring luster. To attract and retain top talent, companies must be aware of employee opinions and be forward-thinking in their efforts to daily optimize their employees.

It’s All About Me unveils the powerful impact of employee opinions in today’s workforce: the opinions and experience that directly affect your team and company’s productivity, profitability, employee retention, and customer loyalty.

Join us to understand how to discover, meet, and develop the needs, strengths, languages, lifestyle, and communication demands of your employees.  Empower yourself and your organization with the quintessential insight and tools to create a stand-out, top-performing, sought-after organization in today’s increasingly competitive work environment!

November 9, 2017

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November 9, 2017

Format: Paperback

January 29, 2018

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November 7, 2017

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Today I Will Serve by Crystel Lynn Smith & Dr. Sherri M. Yoder

 “Today I Will Serve.” Life altering! 

                  - Melinda Gipson

Serving can be so simple to do. Yet, we often get overwhelmed with thoughts like, “I don’t have money to give,” or “I just don’t have the time.” Or, “I’m a mess. How could I serve or help anyone else?” Serving others can be done in the simplest form. We often serve without even realizing it. A kind word, a “thinking about you” text or phone call, a little bit of advice, and an invitation to get together, are all acts of service. Serving others provides immediate rewards. We instantly focus on the needs of others rather than our own challenges, giving us a sense of purpose and meaning that we are all seeking. We created Today I Will Serve to provide you with the opportunity to see how you can serve, and then by writing the opportunities down put your service into action. As you intentionally serve, you will discover or rediscover a life of meaning and purpose and be abundantly blessed!

Crystel Lynn Smith and Dr. Sherri Yoder realize the power of gratitude in their every day life! From waking up in the morning to having a bed to rest at night, they are grateful to be blessed with a life full of abundance, more than some will ever see, and more than most will realize they already have. Crystel and Sherri want others to experience the power of living a life of intentional gratitude. Today I Am Grateful will challenge, encourage, and inspire you to live an abundantly blessed life of gratitude through a simple daily planner of intentional living!